Rear Bumper Installation Guide

Rear Bumper Installation Guide

Hardware Contents:
(8) 8mm Flange Head Bolt
(4) 8mm Steel Lock Flange Head Bolt
(2) 12mm Socket Cap Bolt
(2) 12mm Flat Washer

Not included only required for 2018-2019 Models
You will need (1) 12mm-1.75 thread tap

  • Begin by removing the factory rear end caps.
  • Locate the 12mm-1.75 metric thread tap from the hardware. Use the thread tap to tap the bottom two center holes. A 7mm open end wrench fits on the tap. (Only required on 2018-2019)
  • Locate the (2) 12mm cap screws and the (2) 12mm flat washers. They are a #10 Allen head. 
  • Fit the bumper up to the rear of the Roxor.
  • Loosely install the (2) 12mm cap screws into the two newly threaded holes.
  • Locate (4) of the 8mm flange head bolts.
    Loosely install these bolts into the four-middle set 8mm holes. Use a 13mm deep well socket.
  • Locate the remaining (4) 8mm flange head bolts and steel lock nuts. Install these into the two outer sets of holes.
  • Once all of the bolts are loosely fastened, align the bumper to your preference.
    Once aligned, you may tighten up all bolts and nuts.