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Locking hubs, also known as free wheeling hubs are fitted to some (mainly older) four-wheel drive vehicles, allowing the front wheels to rotate freely when disconnected (unlocked) from the front axle. This is done to reduce the mechanical resistance of the front-portion of the drivetrain when four-wheel drive is not in use.[1] The hub, along with the wheel, is designed to engage (lock) onto the axle, to be powered by the drivetrain in four-wheel drive; or the hub can disengage (unlock) from the axle when four-wheel drive is not needed, thus allowing the front wheels to rotate freely within the hub. The hub is a component where the wheel is directly mounted to, and is outside the axle.

The benefits of unlocking hubs for normal road use are mainly found in increased fuel efficiency. When the front hubs are locked, even if no power is sent to the front axle (by means of a transfer case), the turning of the wheels will still spin the front axle, differential, and driveshaft, which puts extra load on the engine. Unlocking the hubs disconnects the wheels from the axle, which eliminates this extra load. Other benefits also include keeping the front-differential free from unnecessary wear, quieter operation, less vibration, and lower wear in other drive line components.

You can put selectable hubs on the Roxor’s rear axle when converting the factory axle to a full floater type. This is one benefit of our Roxor full floater conversion kit. The main reason we have had customers interested in this, is for the ability to flat tow the Roxor without removing the rear driveshaft from the vehicle for towing long distances. This will keep unnecessary wear on your differential components from taking place when towing the Roxor.

Our ROXOR half cab and full cab are available by special order. For more information, please see our cabs page here: ROXOR Cabs

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