Welcome everyone to the new and improved On The Rox Fabrication website! We have strived to make this website much easier to navigate and complete orders through. We are not web designers here at On The Rox, so we have left this new website development up to the professionals at Webgrain. In the last year, we have grown from a small operation dealing only locally for the last fourteen years to shipping our products nationwide, from Hawaii to Alaska, Florida to Arizona, and even Canada. As we continue to grow, we appreciate your support. With that being said, we have taken measures to expand our inventory, process orders more quickly and efficiently, and continue to offer shipping accommodations to each customer, ranging from individual orders to dealership stocking orders. Through this new website, we will only further that progress.

Our goal is to provide our customers with more useful information for their Roxors through these blogs, our FAQ section, and our section dedicated to photography and film media, all focusing on the Roxor! We are committed to providing an informative look into the Roxor, and showing how our products can help you build the “ultimate” machine! We are tailoring our products to YOU. Our focus is on the customers’ needs and offering quality products at fair prices. All of our fabricated parts that are labeled as “OTR” are built in house here in Worden, Montana. We strive to ensure that the other products we offer meet the same quality through extensive testing and product research. We endeavor to offer products and accessories that will help personalize your Roxor by improving the parts that directly impact how you, the individual customer, will use it.

We understand that every customer utilizes their Roxor differently, and in order to meet that demand, we are offering a well-rounded selection of parts here on our new website. We supply by far the widest selection of products focused on and built specifically for the Roxor. From windshield frames and doors, to signal harness conversions, and Chromoly axle shafts with locker options, we have everything you need to build upon a well-developed platform that has years of proven dependability overseas. We are always here to offer our advanced technical advice on Roxors, as we have been since their release date.

We look forward to experiencing how this new website platform will allow us to help better serve our customers. If you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions on how we may better accommodate you, always feel free to email, call, or fill out our contact information sheet here directly through the website. Also, make sure to drop your email into the mailing notification list, which will keep you updated on all future endeavors, products, and development of On The Rox Fabrication! We would like to once again thank those that have supported us since the beginning, and we welcome the opportunity to offer our services to all new Roxor owners and dealerships.

On The Rox Fabrication.