Ultimate Mahindra ROXOR Oil Change Guide

Part of owning your Mahindra ROXOR is routine maintenance. Regular oil changes are part of that routine maintenance. This guide covers everything you need to know to change the oil in your Mahindra ROXOR yourself.

This job should take 20-30 minutes, and you will need:

  • 7 Quarts of 5W-40 Motor Oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • New Crush Washer
  • 22mm Wrench
  • Filter Wrench
  • Oil Drain Pan

Safety First When Doing a ROXOR Oil Change

When doing any maintenance on your ROXOR, be careful to protect yourself and any bystanders. Make sure that the ROXOR is off and that the key is removed from the ignition. To ensure that the ROXOR does not roll or move while you are working on it, make sure that you leave the ROXOR in gear and set the parking brake. Setting chop blocks on either side of at least on tire is another good extra safety measure to ensure your ROXOR does not go anywhere with you underneath it.

You should have enough clearance to access everything without a lift or jacking your ROXOR off the ground. If you do use a jack, please use jackstands and never crawl underneath a vehicle that is only supported by a jack.

NOTE: On The Rox is not liable for any injuries or damage that may occur. This guide is for informational purposes only, and we advise that if you are not comfortable changing the oil on your Mahindra ROXOR yourself, or you do not have the proper tools, training, or facilities, that you take your ROXOR to your dealer or an auto mechanic shop.

Drain the Old Oil from the ROXOR

Once your ROXOR is safely secured, your next step is to drain the old oil. To do this, you will need a 22mm wrench or socket and an oil drain pan. Find the oil plug at the base of the oil pan and place your oil drain pan underneath. With your 22mm wrench, remove the 22mm bolt and copper washer from the drain pan. Allow the old oil to drain completely from the ROXOR’s oil pan.

Once you have removed the oil drain plug from your ROXOR, check the drain plug for debris. Your ROXOR’s oil drain plug is magnetic and designed to collect and stray metal circulating in the oil, and now is the perfect time to remove any metal or debris that has accumulated.

You should also discard the old copper crush washer that was installed with the plug. Crush washers are designed to take the stress off of the threads on the oil pan and drain plug, and should be replaced at every oil change.

Once the old oil is done draining, you can reinstall the oil drain plug with a new crush washer. Use the 22mm wrench to secure the bolt and prevent your ROXOR from leaking oil.

Changing the ROXOR Oil Filter

The next step is removing the oil filter. You may be able to unscrew the filter by hand, if not use a filter wrench to loosen the filter before unscrewing by hand. While removing the filter, some oil will drip, so ensure that your oil drain pan is placed below the filter.

Once the old filter is removed, prepare your new ROXOR oil filter by filling it halfway to three quarters full with new 5W-40 oil. You will also want to dip your finger in new, clean oil and rub the oil on the rubber gasket at the top of your new oil filter to prepare it for a secure seal.

Once prepared, install the new ROXOR oil filter by screwing it in by hand. Make sure that you hand-tighten the new filter only; do not use a filter wrench to tighten the new oil filter.

Filling Your ROXOR With Fresh Oil

With the oil drained and the drain plug and oil filter securely installed, you are ready to refill your ROXOR with oil. You will need 7 quarts of 5W-40 oil.

Remove the oil fill cap from the top of the engine. Note that there is a baffle at the top of the oil fill valve, so you will need to pour the new oil slowly. Make sure you use a funnel to prevent spills, and a handy tip is to remove the oil dipstick to allow greater airflow and faster pouring.

Once refilled with oil, use the oil dipstick to check the oil level and ensure it is between the two designated hash marks. This is also a good time to check underneath your ROXOR for any oil leaks or drips.

It is a good idea to re-check the oil levels after your ROXOR has run for a short period of time (5-10 minutes) to ensure that as the oil settles and fills in all the of the space that your oil level is still adequate. If you check and see that the oil level has dropped below the lower hash mark on the dipstick, slowly add more oil and recheck until your ROXOR has a safe level of oil.

It’s a good idea to similarly check the oil level the next day after the oil change for the same reason.

ROXOR Oil Change Complete

That’s it! Changing the oil in your Mahindra ROXOR isn’t unlike changing the oil in any other vehicle. It is important that you routinely check your oil levels and change your oil to maintain the longevity of your engine.