Sport Hard Top Installation

Sport Hard Top Installation

(6) 1.75” Roll Cage Clamps
(16) ¼”-.20 x ½” Stainless Steel Button Head Bolts
(2) ¼”-.20 x 3/4” Stainless Steel Button Head Bolts
(6) Stainless Steel Flat Washers
(2) Aluminum Mounting Spacers
(1) 4’ Section of Rubber Seal

  • Begin by installing the 4’ section of 3M Rubber seal on the inside of the front lip of the Sport top. You may improve the adhesion by heating the Rubber seal as you stick it to the top with a heat gun.
  • Working on a padded bench or stand, loosely attach the top half of the clamps to the Sport top using the supplied ¼ “ button head bolts and flat washers. The aluminum spacers are used on the rear two clamps.
  • Set the sport top onto the top of the roll cage. If a windshield frame is already installed, you will want the front lip in front of the windshield frame.
  • You can now begin to loosely install the bottom portions of all 6 clamps, we recommend using the supplied stainless hardware in place of the black button head bolts. Work from the front to the rear for proper fitment.
  • Verify fitment
  • You may now tighten all clamps and hardware.

Enjoy your new Sport Top!