Stealth RX41 Turbo



Stealth RX41 Turbo for the Mahindra Roxor
The Stealth RX41 turbo makes power, up to 200 RWHP in fact, that’s four times the output of a factory equipped Roxor on the chassis dyno.  It accomplishes this without changing the under hood appearance, reliability, or water fording ability of your Roxor.  It works with the factory air box and exhaust!
The factory turbo on the 2.5L diesel engine found in the Mahindra Roxor is an efficient turbocharger for the factory rated 62 HP but quickly runs out of steam when pushed over 100HP. The larger compressor and turbine assembly in the RX41 shine where the factory turbo falls off, continuing to move air efficiently over 100HP.  This means cooler intake air, lower exhaust gas temperatures, less smoke, and longer life out of your tuned engine.
We know you want to Upgrade Your Adventure! This turbo is a cornerstone of that recipe

Increased Peak Power Potential

200 RWHP
400+ ft-lbs.

Broad Torque Curve
Lower EGT under load and at altitude
Spools-up quickly
Dyno & Trail Tested
Lowers smoke output on tuned vehicles
Billet 41mm compressor wheel
Brand New Assembly

Ultimate Reliability
No CORE Charge
Warrantied for 1 year

High Strength Turbo Boot Included
Installation kit included (studs, nuts & gaskets)

With the Stealth RX41 we suggest you also Upgrade Your Adventure with our Stealth RX-Intercooler Kit.  The Stealth RX-Intercooler Kit includes all piping, intercooler, boots, clamps and required accessories to install the charge air cooler behind the grill of your Roxor.  This kit maximizes the air density and efficiency of your turbocharging system. You get more power, lower EGTs, improved long term reliability, and cleaner-burning exhaust.  When used in conjunction with our Custom Tuning and Stealth RX41 this kit will take your Roxor to the next level.
If you are serious about 200 RWHP with your Roxor, you will want to check out the South Bend Roxor Clutch.  The upgraded Organic Clutch is rated at 225 hp and 415 ft/lbs of torque and includes the South Bend pressure plates.
Last, but not least, on the list is the Exergy Performance Roxor CP3 Conversion Kit.  The CP3 high-pressure fuel pump is one of the most reliable in the common rail market.  Our friends at Exergy Performance have built a custom modified Cp3 pump specifically for the Mahindra Roxor.  This added fuel supply is recommended when your power goals surpass the fuel availability of the factory Roxor high-pressure fuel pump.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in

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