PARAGON 3000 Grease


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In stock


Multi-purpose, high-quality lithium grease (NLGI #2) offers extreme anti-wear protection under heavy loads, shock conditions, and normal loads. Passes a full 100 lb. Timken test. Best choice for high-heat applications.

  • High-quality lithium grease (NLGI #2)
  • Extreme anti-wear protection under heavy load and shock conditions and normal loads. Passes a full 100 lb. Timken OK test
  • Wide temperature range. Pumps in hand-operated guns down to -5 degrees F. Dropping point of 630 degrees F
  • Extreme stability and consistency. Does not soften like some greases allowing leakage away from the area where the grease is needed
  • Moisture resistant. Resists being washed off by water and displaces water on metal surfaces. Pressure protection retained even in the presence of 20% water
  • Adhesive and Cohesive. Resists squeezing out and thinning under severe loads. Adhesive characteristics develop a dust shield to protect bearings
  • Multi-purpose grease ideal for a wide range of applications covering heat, moisture, load, impact and stability questions

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 2.25 × 2.25 in