OTR Rear Full Floater Kit Installation Guide

OTR Rear Full Floater Kit Installation Guide

Rear full floater kit for the Mahindra Roxor Includes:

  • Yukon 30 Spline Chromoly Axle Shafts
  • Wheel Hubs
  • Spindles
  • Timken Bearing and Seal Kit
  • Spindle Nut Kits
  • Wheel Studs
  • 27 Spline Drive Flanges
  • Gaskets
  • Caps
  • Grade 8 Hardware

Begin by safely lifting the Roxor up in the air with either a lift or safely set on jackstands.
Remove rear tires

Remove outer cap and remove brake drum.

Remove axle flange nut. 1-7/16”

Pull axle flange with axle flange puller. We do have custom (specifically) built for the Roxor axle flange pullers. Please call to order. 406-967-2189

Remove brake backing plate assembly and all shims etc… down to the axle housing flange.

Remove Axle Shaft.

Remove bearing and race.

Leave Factory Axle seal in the tube. (We do have more available if needed)

Clean and inspect axle tube breather hole. Seal up breather hole if desired to keep out water/debris.

Change Carrier to 30 spline variant.

Install case spreader to drop in differential. Install Diff bearing caps.

Install new axle shaft into axle tube while being careful not to harm the factory seal.

Take new full floater spindle, apply thin coat of RTV between spindle and axle flange mating surface.

Install included ¼” spacer between Spindle and factory backing plate along with hardware.

Identify inner and outer wheel bearing. Inner bearing part number is 102949. Outer bearing part number is 501349.

Pack inner bearing with grease.

Install bearing into race followed by seal.

Install bearing nut (2” is a tight fit, or 52mm socket DEEP WELL 80mm) followed by locking washer.

Install Jam nut.

Install drive flange gasket.

Install drive flange with supplied bolts and lock washers.

Drop of threadlocker on axle retaining bolt. Torque to 50 ft lbs.

Install cap and brake drum.

Note* WARN 27 Spline Lockout Hubs (9062) can be purchased and installed in place of the Drive Flanges. Follow MFG. Installation instructions.

We recommend keeping the drive flanges on board in the Roxor when out wheeling if you have installed the WARN lockout hubs. In case a WARN lockout hub breaks, you will be able to install the drive flange to get off of the trail.