Auxiliary Fuse Panel Installation

Auxiliary Fuse Panel Installation

  1. Install fuse panel on lower left lip of dash.
  1. Mount the included circuit breaker to the firewall above the battery. Be cautious of any wiring on the inside of the firewall that may be damaged when drilling or using sheet metal screws.
  1. Splice the thin red wire from the fuse panel into the pink with yellow tracer wire from the unused connector on the backside of the dash panel labeled “Side/Rear LED Light” this is a keyed 12V power source used to trigger the auxiliary fuse panel relay.
  1. The thin white wire on the fuse panel is the ground wire, ground it to a suitable chassis ground location.
  1. The large red wire from the fuse panel gets connected to the “AUX” terminal of the circuit breaker.
  1. Connect the “BAT” side of the circuit breaker to the battery.
  1. Add your accessory and the correct amperage ATO-style fuse.