3 Must Have Parts for a Street Legal ROXOR

When it comes to building a street legal ROXOR, there are three absolutely necessary parts almost regardless of what state you’re in. Without these parts, your ROXOR will fail to meet street legal requirements, so they are critical whether you’re getting an inspection or getting pulled over by a police officer. Fortunately, though, On The Rox has the parts you need to turn your offroad baby into a mean, street legal machine.

#1 – Windshield

Nearly every state in the union requires that your vehicle have a windshield if you want to drive on public roads. And not just any windshield eitheryou need a glass windshield certified by the Department of Transportation. That means that the cheap polycarbonate windshields going around for the ROXOR aren’t going to help you get street legal. In fact, buying one of those is throwing your money away because ultimately you’re going to need a real windshield that meets the requirements anyway.

Whether you’re looking for a standard windshield frame, or a folding windshield, On The Rox manufactures heavy duty windshield frames that accept DOT-approved glass. That means that with an On The Rox windshield, you are one step closer to having a street legal ROXOR!

#2 – Turn Signals

Are you surprised to hear that you need to have turn signals to be street legal? This one seems obvious, but not everyone realizes that you’ll need to be able to use your blinkers to be allowed on the road. Fortunately, this is an easy fix for the ROXOR. On The Rox has developed in-house a Roxor Turn Signal Kit which adds a column mounted signal switch, reproduction Willy’s park lights, and all of the connections and components you need.

#3 – Side Mirrors

Is the stock rearview mirror on your ROXOR enough to meet street legal requirements in your state? The answer is: sometimes. Depending on your local regulations, you may need side mirrors on your ROXOR to meet requirements. You might also consider that for safety and convenience purposes, having an extra set of mirrors is a really great addition.

On The Rox manufactures high quality, durable ROXOR Side Mirrors. You won’t be disappointed completing your street legal ROXOR build with a set of these.

2 Additional Creature Comforts for the Street Legal ROXOR

If you’re planning on taking your ROXOR on the road, you may want more than just the minimum street legal requirements. Here are two other products we highly recommend for a street legal ROXOR build:

  • ROXOR Windshield Wiper Kit – This kit bolts on to any On The Rox windshield frame, and you’ll be thanking yourself for getting it when you’re caught out in a thunderstorm.
  • ROXOR Heater Kit – If you want to drive your ROXOR in the winter months and stay warm, this heater kit was made for you. With this heater kit, you can enjoy your ROXOR year-round.

One Last Note…

Obviously this article is not a 100% complete guide to having a street legal ROXOR, and rules and regulations may vary in your state and county. You should always check with your local county authorities to see what requirements of theirs you must satisfy before taking your ROXOR on the road. You should also note that almost nowhere are ROXORs allowed on freeways, highways, interstates, etc. and we do not recommend their use on anything but local county roads.