How to Reinforce a Fatigued Frame Rail on Your Mahindra ROXOR

If you have made modifications to your Mahinda ROXOR such as oversize wheels and tires, ECU flash / tune, and/or regearing, you are likely exerting more stress on the front frame rail than it was intended for out of the factory. All parts are subject to wear and tear over time, but if you’re playing […]

Ultimate Mahindra ROXOR Oil Change Guide

Part of owning your Mahindra ROXOR is routine maintenance. Regular oil changes are part of that routine maintenance. This guide covers everything you need to know to change the oil in your Mahindra ROXOR yourself. This job should take 20-30 minutes, and you will need: 7 Quarts of 5W-40 Motor Oil New Oil Filter New […]

3 Must Have Parts for a Street Legal ROXOR

When it comes to building a street legal ROXOR, there are three absolutely necessary parts almost regardless of what state you’re in. Without these parts, your ROXOR will fail to meet street legal requirements, so they are critical whether you’re getting an inspection or getting pulled over by a police officer. Fortunately, though, On The […]

A Look Into the On The Rox Roxor Drivetrain

We would like to take some time to describe some of the accessories and custom modifications that have been made to the OTR Mahindra Roxor. All of the modifications and added products have been installed to enhance our Roxor’s offroad capability. For the most part, many of these modifications are DIY. Although some of the […]

Custom Roxor

Richard J Custom Roxor

Our Customer, Richard has built himself a very capable Roxor! He started out by ordering some accessories from us and installing them himself. He installed our Front and Rear Bumpers, Rox Sliders with Nerf Bars, Heavy Duty Half Doors, Standard Windshield Frame with Wiper Assembly, Sport Top, and A Pillar Lights with LED Cubes. He […]

2018 Custom Linked Roxor

Mark D Custom Linked Roxor

Custom linked 2018 Mahindra Roxor build!  This build turned out great, and this Roxor is a beast of a machine. Check out the list of build parts below: Chassis, body, and electrical parts Folding Windshield Frame Windshield Wiper Assembly Roxor Signal Harness Conversion OTR Roxor Heater Kit Heavy Duty Half Door Aux. Fuse Panel Front […]


Welcome everyone to the new and improved On The Rox Fabrication website! We have strived to make this website much easier to navigate and complete orders through. We are not web designers here at On The Rox, so we have left this new website development up to the professionals at Webgrain. In the last year, […]